flow with me…

Yoga comes in many forms. For me, yoga has evolved into a practice of meditative and mindful movement that allows me to enter a quieter space in myself where I can find peace in my own being.

In my group, prenatal, and private sessions – I strive to bring challenging physical work of stretching and strengthening the body, along with time for seated meditation and restorative postures.

I have been exploring Vinyasa yoga in NYC and around the world for over 13 years. I was first drawn to the practice because as a dancer and gymnast, I loved the intensity and flow of the movement while also feeling that I could reach deeper layers of myself and find quiet in a very noisy city life.

Over the years, I ​discovered​ that my own practice and classes have shifted, becom​ing​ a hybrid of the many teachers I have studied with. Sometimes there is music, ​sometimes​ ​silence​, ​at times ​there is a strong flow and ​at other times we ​slow down to focus​ on quality and alignment.

I completed my 200 Hour Teaching Certification at Laughing Lotus in 2007 and have done further trainings in pre/post-natal yoga, therapeutic yoga, and ayurveda at YOGAMAYA in NYC, and with Jane Austin in San Francisco.

In 2016, I co-founded YafoYoga with Matan Eshkar where we run yoga classes, workshops, urban retreats and host other wellness activities in our space.